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Surrender to the Sea

The new record -- Surrender to the Sea -- is being completed.

Recorded in New York City and with guests in Stockholm.

Followers to social media channels will get details first on the release cycle.

An advance track from the album can be heard here



Call for Commissions

I am working on a new project that I need your participation in.

This Spring, I am opening my practice to include a handful of commissioned paintings.

What sets these apart is that I am ONLY doing commissions of places (not portraits).

What this means is: If there is a place (nature, park, house, place, etc)

that is of significant value to you, I will re-create space and preserve the space on canvas.

Above is a picture of the sizes being offered for this project:

32" x 22" (Large)

16" x 22" (Medium)

8" x 10" (Small)

As with all of my paintings, I hand-select, stretch and prepare the canvas over high quality wood bars.

Inquiries and reservations can be made here



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