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Spring 2016


Work has begun on the next series of recordings.

Developing on what began with the ANCESTOR works, a text is underway that expands on the thematic narrative of the Silence and Machine records. This time a focus will be put in written form, where a sound (ultimately a soundtrack) will accompany each chapter. Consider it a long-story or short novel about a central character -- displaced and gathering scattered memories to start over in life, and the daily, scene-by-scene contemporary American struggle to overcome addiction and the isolation of poverty of a police state. The work is almost-fiction and semi-autobiographical. The soundtrack is currently underway.

To keep up with the progress of this work and to hear samples and read excerpts as they are revealed, please keep in touch via email here. The work will be shared with a close goup of supporters and followers before being unveiled to the public.

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A second item for this season:

In the shadows after the Moons release phases, Whote has begun the process of a new release once again.

Three artworks will be unveiled for the next release are set for screenprinting on three different and specific mediums. The third recording will also narrow the range of sound to focus on three key instruments and tools. The currently untitled work is set to be the largest and "earthy" recording of the project to date... Follow Whote on Facebook

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