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The Silver Season, 2015

#silverseason: From the Moons LP to the ink selection of our Apparel items and prints, Silver has emerged as the leading color.  

Not only was utilizing this color a matter of aesthetic, but it worked in rendering cohesion of each of the mediums pursued over the past few years: sound, print and painting. The color allowed a unification of endeavors and closure of the accumulation of work -- to yield inspiration towards new undertakings.  
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At this time, we are offering a very special incentive: When you order at least two items, 20% of the total is subtracted from your total

Enter code SILVERSEASON at checkout.

You may also note that shipping only applies to one item (second, third items shipped at no extra cost). Gift-packaging is welcome and available by request.  

All printing and assembly done in-house by Thomas Watkiss. All order/printing updates will be posted to Facebook @watkissprojects

Feel free to pre-order items or submit special requests ahead of the holidays. The last day for pickups (and shipping) of large artworks from our location in Manhattan will be Saturday December 12. We will resume on January 9, 2016.  

Thank you for your support,
TWHQ | 2015

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