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Hives, Moons & Monarchs



FRAMED PRINTS are now posted and include:

Monarch | Icons | The Skull | Crown of Winter | Hive(Daylight) | The Owl | Vultures | The Nest

Each of the prints are printed 12" x 10" black strathmore paper.

All framing and printing by Thomas Watkiss.

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"The Monarch" design originated from a personal photograph and was developed as a large stencil for a few works on canvas. The design was then realized in several smaller forms--the smallest for prints on paper and the slightly larger for shirts. Both are short-run editions.

The Monarch
- White and Silver ink on black strathmore paper
- Year Printed: 2015
- No numbered edition, less than 20 made.

Print size: 8"x6" | Frame size: 12.5" x 10.5"

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LP (2015) | CD (2014) | VIDEO (2013)

The much anticipated return of WHOTE is a spacious contrast to the first LP, ALIGN - heavy in atmospheres and dark nuances that carry the listener to new cryptic territory. The release cycle began with an HD video introducing a dreamlike state of images and sounds, framing expectations for the full length. MOONS exhibits a dedication to mercurial textures where drifting instrumentation meet dissonant reverb and distortion to deliver Watkiss’ most haunting and structured work to date.

LP: Hand-numbered; 001-100 on silver/101-250 on black.
12" x 12" screen printed insert (only available with the LP).
Features a bridged version of Necropolis and A Measurement of Wealth. CD: comes w/screenprinted cover, insert and 4+ tracks.

LP available from: Tesco USA | UK: Cold Spring
CD available from: CDBaby | BandCamp



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