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Whote II : Moons

- 10 track digital album now available through CDBaby. {view here}

The digital version is similar to the CD minus the 4 additional bonus tracks as on the physical disc.

Tracks are available individually or as an entire download.

As CDBaby is our digital distributor for this release, you can expect the album on iTunes and Spotify later this summer.

View Digital | View Vinyl | View video


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Autumn in Iceland

We have recently been accepted into the Listhus artist residency in Northern Iceland this fall!

Although we have spent many great moments in and across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, we are very excited to announce a first time in Iceland -- outside of Keflavik Airport.

In addition to spending time writing new material and immersing in the darkened landscape, there will be a few live dates to anticipate. Details to be posted on our facebook page.

This autumn intensive will be a time to dedicate to making new work -- against the past few years of difficulty and challenges of being displaced from New York.

We will need to raise funds to ensure a safe and productive trip, so, instead of asking for funds through crowd sourcing, we are focusing attention on our bigcartel shop with the goal of earning support through works listed there.

The store is now updated with our most popular categories: Framed Art | Apparel | Vinyl Records

Already have one of each? We are glad to gift wrap for a friend or colleague.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated at this time.


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