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February 8th - March 9th, 2019 (extended)

Black Diamond Gallery

332 Hooper St.

Brooklyn, New York 11211


Trauma Bond pt. 2 (The Dream)
Acrylic on wood panel
20" x 20"

For Ecosystems, I created a new body of works for canvas, panel and paper. I work in cycles, and after a lengthy cycle of recordings and performances, I have returned to working on surfaces. I set out to re-create scenes from the places I've lived and worked including the North of Iceland and my native Pennsylvania. I found threads, symbols and objects that connect both places and I have used a wide tonal palette ranging from reflective silvers to passionate violets to achieve the experience. The surfaces were conceptualized, created and finished with a similar aesthetic to how I create my sound pieces; large expansive spaces meet intricate details intended to create a sense of place -- some foreign, some familiar, each designed to allure the viewer and invoke the imagination.

I stretched the first canvas in August of 2018 as a means of recovery after a bizarre series of micro-tragedies came into my life. The body of work quickly became a sense of purpose and I worked until the pieces were diverse in form, size and character -- reflecting that of an ecosystem. The majority of the works were created this year. Some screenprints are included as points of origin and the result is 12+ works for the viewer to experience. An audio component of new and unreleased material is included to accompany the pieces.

Works from this exhibition can now be viewed on ARTSY.

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Silence at ten

It was in the early part of 2008 that I recieved a Master disc back from Saff Mastering in Chicago. Soon after I sent the discs to the manufacturer and over the spring recieved the CD and later the eighteen 12" cubic boxes of records to hand-number and send off to the world.

I am still very proud of this project -- how it developed and came together and how it represented my dedication to creating a twelve part recording and the committment to working with the possibilities within this format.

It was that summer I would take a bagful on the bus to New York City from Boston and build relationships with the records stores and the DIY/independent music community. This was also a turning point and the beginning of my life in New York City.

This project is still available on BandCamp and from select retailers worldwide. I created a photo-journal of the project with some not-seen-before images in bringing this to physical form here:

Image gallery | BandCamp | iTunes | @thesilentdecade




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