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Iceland was the most recent resudency undertaking.

10 weeks from August to November of 2016

A sound artist residency turned into a portfolio of photos and an exhibition in New York City.


Looking forward to doing a similar thing this summer in Sweden and Norway.

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I went to Iceland for nine weeks in 2016. I put everything in storage and found myself in the country a morning later to begin a season of writing and recording in the isolated village of Olafsfjordur, 6 hours north of Reykjavik.

Lodged with other artists and composers from around the world, I was inspired and able to focus on new recordings and am just now finally able to sort through the material.

The residency at Listhus was meant to be a short period of recalibration, but it has turned out to be a perrenial spring of material and inspiration in moving forward. I look forward to returning to continue what I started in that magical place just halfway across the ocean.


To the right is a brief photo-log of my settings during that time. Below are a few live recordings from some of the shows there.

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This recording was taken during the final performance show while in the North of Iceland. All of the sounds were completed during the two month residency. Recording date: October 30, 2016.

Bandcamp | Instagram



This recording was a place-specific synthesizer set for the Herring-Era Museum in a pictoresque village of Siglufjörður, a few kilometers from the residency. Recording date: October 20, 2016

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Hjalteyri (live recording 10.30.16)

Several recordings were captured from this matinee show. The recording on the Bandcamp page was from a Zoom H4N placed in the rafters. The video clip was produced by Listhus.

Ampeg stack by Hjorvar Oli Sigurdson.

Mixing board by Michael Terren.

Photo by Gail Priest.

Bandcamp | Youtube live clip











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