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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thomas Watkiss changes course with Landless

Thomas Watkiss’ newest project, Landless, creates immersive soundscapes with 6 and 7-string basses. Reverberated percussive tones echo against delayed and emotive riffing to create atmospheres that deliver a sense of distance and unfamiliar sonic territory. Whereas his former projects (Ancestor, WHOTE, Slate Graves) centered around synthesizer and effects, Landless creates ambient textures with the bass, specifically the Ibanez BTB-7. The first two tracks are now exclusively available on BandCamp:

Landless e.p. track listing:
A: Closure 07:06
B. Expatriate (fading through) 07:56

was recorded, engineered and mixed by Martin Bisi at BC Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Martin Bisi is known for his work with artists including Helmet, Unsane and Swans. A clip of Watkiss recording at the renowned studio can be seen here

The full-length, Expatriate, is set for completion this June at the ElectronMusicStudios (EMS) Artist-in-Residence program in Stockholm, Sweden.

Watkiss has released five full-length albums starting with the Ancestor - Phase I : Silence 2xLP in 2008 and most recently the Whote - Moons LP in 2015. This is his first large scale studio production.

Thomas’ experimental records are paired with his artwork -- giving an intimate visual narrative to the roaming ambient soundscapes. New artwork will be posted on the release date at wearelandless.bandcamp.com

Patreon and GoFundMe campaigns are now live to help achieve a release date for Expatriate this September.

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