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Working with instruments including several bass guitars, a modified Gibson SG, field recordings and a few effects pedals, Thomas Watkiss creates a spectrum of atmospheres that can be found on record and live -- on rare occasion. Watkiss employs a background in the visual arts to produce the visuals (screenprints, video and layout( for each of his projects.

Watkiss started his career with sound as a medium with the Ancestor 7" (2007) having set up a temporary living/working space in Boston after returning from living and studying for several years in Scandinavia.

In 2008, Watkiss self-produced and released the highly acclaimed Ancestor - Phase I - Silence 2xLP. Quickly after its release, Watkiss returned to Scandinavia to begin work on the follow up to the debut double album. Watkiss set up permanent base in New York City after the two month residency at USF in Bergen, Norway.

He has toured Europe and performed across the United States including venues such as Spectrum and Park Church Co-op (Brooklyn) Magazin4 (Brussels) 1000Fyrd (Aalborg, Denmark) Fylkingen (Stockholm) Spazio 210 Torino, Italy) and the Elastic Arts Center (Chicago) to name a few.

He h as collaborated with a number of international artists including Oystein Aassan on the 2012 Time.Life box released by satumaa* kustantamo in 2012, contributed to soundtracks including the Doxey Boggart (2017, UK) Earth Portals with the Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble (2016) and contributed synth to the debut Hereafter by Brooklyn black metal band, Belltower.

Current projects include an international landless (debut single Autumn 2017), Whote completing its third record and a new project, The Last American to be introduced in 2019.


Words for Whote II- Moons:

"Watkiss found the shadowed middle ground between black metal and non-beat electronica and continues to create masterpieces that followers of either camp should dig." - Steve Holtje, Dusty Wright's Culture Catch Best Rock, Pop and Electronic of 2015 (#7 out of 20) Go to link

"Whote creates a style of music that is very experimental and ambient sounding while also bringing in elements of drone, harsh noise, field recordings, electric guitars and some metal influences to create an album that defies categorization and the production also sounds very dark, raw and powerful.” 8/10 ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine Read full review

Words for Silence:

What I feel is the best quality of this album is that it is true to its purpose, and rich in its integrity.” - Heathen Harvest

Imagine Godflesh minus vocals and beats, the buzzing and whirring and grinding and scraping of Justin Broadrick’s guitars sampled, deconstructed, and stretched out over time, but still as grimly intense, for an idea of how far from most electronica this is.” - SteveHoltje/ culturecatch.com Best Rock, Electronic, & Folk Albums of the 2000s.


Electronic press kit, CV, portfolio, reviews, fliers and the 2002 - 2007 archive is available upon request here
Some current appearances/collaborations/projects:
Above: live at Spectrum, Brooklyn 2017. view on youtube | instagram
Bass on track #2 | instagram
Synthesizer track for Whote on this compilation | facebook
Synthesizer on this record | instagram
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