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A few new recordings are in the making:

Each of the three recordings encompass a different approach to composition.

landless will focus on experiments in slide, reverb and arpeggiation -- reflecting my thoughhts and feelings as shaped by early expatriation and our current state of affairs. Instrumental, exploratory, longform solo compositions for 7 string bass. (Spring 2019)

Slate Graves will focus on dark synth textures, minimal noise and field recordings, serving a more cinematic and shadowy reflection of the Ancestor recordings. This record will reveal more about my strange experiences inland, away from New York City. (Autumn 2019)

Each of them will carry a specific portfolio designated to the recordings: Painting, photography, digital collage.

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New art in the making...

If you have been following this site, you may know that my visual artmaking pre-dates the discography of sound works by a few years. Naturally, I feel the visual collateral of the recording is an important component in parallel to the recorded content. I have taken advantage of layout, photography, art direction, video and physical printing to explore new areas of artmaking. You may have noticed this in detail with each recording cycle.

For the first time (in a long time) I have returned to working towards the completion of a portfolio of large scale paintings. I have worked with oil and acrylic on canvas mediums as a very personal means of creation -- in between exhaustive periods of recording -- to pursue physical expression, not bound to the reductive process of digital editing or expensive and limited formats.

Recently I have been working with patterns, layers and forms while keeping a journal of ideas of what they are coming to represent in this contemporary moment. I am nearing the time to allow them to be revealed to the public. It is a great feeling to work yourself back into.

If you would like to obtain access to a preview of the works before they become public, please send an email to art@thomaswatkiss.net

And, if you would like to show support for studio time and completion of this moment, please consider a gift item from the bigcartel page or participating in the auction of studio items here.







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