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Hjalteyri (10.30.16)

This recording was taken during the final performance show while in the North of Iceland. All of the sounds were completed during the two month residency. Recording date: October 30, 2016.

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Siglufjörður (10.20.16)

This recording was a place-specific synthesizer set for the Herring-Era Museum in a pictoresque village of Siglufjörður, a few kilometers from the residency. Recording date: October 20, 2016

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The Doxey Boggart

"This documentary-style film focuses on a local folklore legend linked to the desolate and mysterious Doxey Marshes and the efforts of local experimental musicians to investigate the Boggart story. The soundtrack features some of the worlds most prominent dark ambient and experimental sound artists. Set in deepest darkest Staffordshire in England, it is due for release in 2017."

An exclusive Whote track appears on the soundtrack.

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A return to the studio...

The time has come to get back in the studio -- andto get in a studio that understands where we are aiming to go next. So, in mid-August, we'll be packing up the basses and amps to head over to Gowanus, Brooklyn. This is probably the most ambitious project to date as we hope to pull the best recordings out of three instruments for two records, all within a one day recording session. You can follow preparations of this project on instagram as well as pledge support through picking up an item on the bigcartel store. The clock is ticking...

Recording day prep (clip #1) from thomaswatkiss on Vimeo.





2018, digital photograph.


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