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Some much needed hardware, software and interface upgrades have been made. Plese note the new pages in the navigation bar above. Thank you for your patience in this contant work-in-process.

One major improvement was the investment in a new lead instrument. I sold off the 6-string, some amps and some un-needed pedals to make room to work with something new from the Ibanez group, the BTB-747.

Yes, a 7-string bass. Similar to the 6-string model I used for recordings such as Moons and Align with the additions a of 1F string. This allows exploration of territories I have been trying to achieve with alternate tunings and heavier gauges on the guitar for years. It works incredibly well with my experiments in slide, arpeggiation, and opens new potential for projects ahead. Some new desk recordings have been posted for you to hear on SoundCloud on the right.

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Silence at ten

It was in the early part of 2008 that I recieved a Master disc back from Saff Mastering in Chicago. I knew this was it. Soon later I sent the discs to the manufacturer and over the spring recieved boxes of the CD and later the eighteen 12" cubic boxes of records to hand-number and send off to the world.

I am still very proud of this project -- how it developed and came together and how it represented my complete and total dedication to creating this 12 part recording and the committment to working with the possibilities within this format.

It was that summer I would take a bagful on the bus to New York City from Boston and build relationships with the records stores and the DIY/independent music community. This was also a turning point of my journey an the beginning of my life in New York City.

This project is still available on BandCamp and from select distributors worldwide. I created a photo-journal of the project with some not-seen-before images in bringing this to physical form here:

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