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Silence at ten

It was in the early part of 2008 that I recieved a Master disc back from Saff Mastering in Chicago. Soon after I sent the discs to the manufacturer and over the spring recieved the CD and later the eighteen 12" cubic boxes of records to hand-number and send off to the world.

I am still very proud of this project -- how it developed and came together and how it represented my dedication to creating a twelve part recording and the committment to working with the possibilities within this format.

It was that summer I would take a bagful on the bus to New York City from Boston and build relationships with the records stores and the DIY/independent music community. This was also a turning point and the beginning of my life in New York City.

This project is still available on BandCamp and from select retailers worldwide. I created a photo-journal of the project with some not-seen-before images in bringing this to physical form here:

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